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Introducing the Pharma-Kleen™ Conveyor

Tri-Mach Group is proud to announce the launch of our newest product innovation: The PharmaKleen™ Conveyor System. This cutting-edge system was created from decades of experience operating within the pharmaceutical industry and is the solution to your medical processing headaches.

We know that the needs of the pharmaceutical industry are complex, and the safety of the end-consumers is of utmost importance. With the pharmaceutical industry now having more pressure than ever to keep up with demand, processors are having to manufacture products at a rapid
rate while still maintaining safety procedures and abiding by regulations. This is where the Pharma-Kleen™ excels.

Customizable to meet your application needs, the Pharma-Kleen™ line is designed to be the very best in sanitation and efficiency. Constructed fully from 316 Stainless Steel, these conveyors can withstand the prolonged use of harsh chemicals without jeopardizing the durability or design. The removable UHMW side guards and tool-less design make them easy to clean and disassemble, minimizing production disruption time for a more economical sanitizing process. Wipedowns or deep-clean wash downs can be performed within minutes, leaving
more time for you to process product.

A few of the features include an angled frame design, hygienic levelers with no exposed threads, #4 finish to remove micro bacteria harborage points, and more. Each of these elements works together to put the Pharma-Kleen™ Conveyor in the top of its league for sanitary design. The conveyor’s dimensions and layout are completely customizable depending on your application, as well as your choice from any of our FDA-approved seamless belting materials.

During the manufacturing of the Pharma-Kleen™, we take every precaution possible to ensure zero contamination. All stainless steel parts
are laser cut, deburred, bead-blasted, and finished with electro weld cleaning, all within our 100% non-ferrous facility. These preventative measures ensure the longevity of your system by mitigating the risk of foreign material contaminants and promoting durability.

With North America’s pharmaceutical industry growing exponentially and the need for new and improved pharmaceutical systems always expanding, now is the time to improve or upgrade your operation. Make sure you are using the very best pharmaceutical processing equipment for your operation, to deliver the safest possible product for your end customers. To learn more about how the Pharma-Kleen™ Conveyor System can improve your company, contact

Food Safety

PPE For A Safer Working Environment

With the introduction of the new strain of COVID-19, it has never been more critical to put additional safety measures in place to protect your employees and customers. The manufacturing industry faces unique challenges. Not only are there regulatory measures in place for food safety and sanitization, but the added COVID-19 protocols can be challenging to facilitate in manufacturing facilities built for maximum output and machine

At Tri-Mach Group, safety is and always has been our number one concern, and with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked to create products to help with your safety efforts. Our Kleen-Guard PPE products are designed to provide additional protection for both your employees and customers.

Made with clear Lexan shield, our barriers are designed to be functional and easy to sanitize. Conveyor PPE Barriers integrate into your conveyor
systems to provide additional protection for line works by separating work areas and helping operations continue safely. Our tabletop and modular barriers are perfect for counters and tables to offer protection for both employees and customers.

Fabricated as one continuous stainless steel piece, the no-touch door openers offer an affordable and durable solution for reducing the use of high-touch doorknobs and handles. Newer to the collection are our sanitary PPE For A Safer Working Environment stations and PPE dispensers. These
fully stainless steel stations are easy to clean, sturdy, and effective.

Our web store is fully equipped with these products and more – ready to help you create a safer working environment for your employees and customers. Visit to browse through our various PPE offerings.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our team specializes in custom fabrication – connect with us to see how we can help.

New at Tri-Mach

Tri-Mach Welcomes New Vice President of Finance

Tri-Mach Group is pleased to welcome Brad Wikston to Tri-Mach Group of Companies as Vice President of Finance. Brad comes to the Group of Companies with over 15 years as a finance executive in manufacturing industries, most recently as the Chief Financial Officer at BrantTell Networks.

This new position comes after continued growth at each of the sister companies (Tri-Mach Group, Advance Millwrights, and Industrial Contracting
Solutions). Brad’s wealth of knowledge and background experience will serve well to support our efforts to update, automate, and digitize our current practices in the finance departments. Brad will oversee the growth and restructuring of the finance department as we continue to streamline processes to maximize productivity and collaborative efforts between the three companies.

Having proven experience establishing strategic partnerships to strengthen operations, Brad will also be supporting the Chief Executive Officer with future mergers and the acquisitions of companies of interest to grow the Group of Companies.

We are thrilled to have Brad join our team at this stage in our company’s growth strategy

Product Showcase

Visual Inspection Booths: Catch Every Imperfection

The most important stage of pharmaceutical processing is the inspection. Before any product leaves your facility, we know that it is essential to ensure that it is free from any foreign contaminants and is safe for the consumer to ingest or inject. Products that are metal-free or housed in dense casings can’t be read by an x-ray or metal detector making visual inspection booths an effective solution for catching imperfections or contaminants.

Tri-Mach Group’s inspection booths use tinted Lexan walls and a pitched conveyor to allow operators to see the product clearly. As product travels
along the belt and through the booth, the 200 lux back-lighting highlights the product

making any foreign particles or contaminants clearly visible. From there, inspection operators can press the reject button, diverting the flawed product off the line. This process is designed to be adaptable to any speed your operation requires to keep up with demand. Tri-Mach Group’s inspection booths are the best way to guarantee customer-safe products and are well-suited to products housed in clear vessels, including IV bags, capsules, vials, containers, syringes, and more.

Looking to improve your inspection process? Talk to one of our pharmaceutical experts today to learn how our inspection booths can enhance your operation. Send us an email at

A Message from the President

2021 is now well underway! Together we are weathering an ongoing global pandemic and finding our way through these turbulent times. We could not
do it without our incredible team – thank you with the highest regard and sincerity. This is now our second year in our new facility. In the past year, we have seen continuous growth and extraordinary innovation as we continue to push the limits.

This year will be full of new challenges and new beginnings. We look forward to continued growth as we look to fill several positions to expand our
capabilities and capacity. Tri-Mach continues to innovate as an industry leader and we are thrilled to have so many new faces on our team as we continue to grow and move in our forward trajectory in 2021. Thank you again to all of our dedicated employees for their efforts and our incredible customers that give those efforts purpose.

Thank you for reading this edition of IMPACT.


Ryan Martin