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As the demand for increased production rates evolves, so must the capabilities of the equipment we use in production. Standard conveyor design has a limited top-end speed due to the material properties of the common components. Tri-Mach’s custom High-speed Conveyor Systems are designed to withstand the increased pace of today’s food and beverage processing.

High-speed systems are required for production lines capable of processing large volumes of product in short amounts of runtime. Our high-speed conveyors are customizable to fit the requirements of your facility and are capable of running product at speeds several times faster than the standard conveyor. Dependent on the product specifications, these conveyors can reach speeds of up to 250 FPM.

At Tri-Mach, ensuring that your processes run at peak efficiency is extremely important to us. Moving your product around the facility should never hinder your ability to produce at a maximum rate. That is why our high-speed systems allow the connected equipment to run at full potential. These systems also include high-speed smart laning and merging capabilities, and flexible systems that can be modified to fit any production facility.

Our High-speed Conveyor Systems are ideal for keeping up with high-speed processing because they can be customized to fit your exact specifications. Simple design and manufacturing concepts allow for easy cleaning and maintenance while remaining robust enough to handle the forces developed from high-speed conveyance. To learn more about how these systems can improve your processing line, send us an email at

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