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Hemp Beer, Anyone?

From: Food in Canada

Winnipeg – A new hemp beer is going to be created in Manitoba.

A statement from Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. and Fort Garry Brewing Company LP says the two companies have an agreement to produce and market the hemp beer in the province for sales nationally. The companies expect this beer to be on the market this summer.

The statement says the first product will be “an alcoholized beer infused with material from hemp seeds, and will contain no cannabis or any other psychoactive agent produced from the cannabis plant.”

Fort Garry Brewing will distribute the brew in any of the provinces where it already sells its beers. Delta 9 will provide the hemp seed.

The companies also say they plan to develop a co-branded, cannabinoid-infused beer that contains no alcohol.

That beverage, says the statement, “would be developed as a concept beverage, pending regulatory approval from Health Canada and provincial regulatory bodies.”

Under the terms of the agreement, both companies will share the R&D costs. Fort Garry Brewing will cover the costs of marketing and advertising of the launch, sale and distribution of the first product. Delta 9 will provide hemp and/or cannabis to Fort Garry to use in the production of the new beer, and it may also contribute funds to marketing and advertising, says the statement.

Delta 9 is a licensed producer of medical marijuana and operates an 80,000 sq.-ft. production facility in Winnipeg.

Fort Garry Brewing is the oldest and largest brewer in Manitoba and has a 25,000-sq.-ft. facility in south Winnipeg.