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Heineken to roll out BrewLock dispensing technology in Canada


Heineken will bring consumers in Canada the “perfectly carbonated pint” by rolling out a recyclable dispensing technology that helps to seal the freshness in across select accounts nationwide.

The BrewLock innovation is a double-walled, 20-litre plastic keg designed to address longstanding challenges associated with traditional kegs, keeping beer fresher for longer. The BrewLock system achieves this by ensuring no air, carbon dioxide or mixed gases ever reach the liquid. A small, customised air compressor exerts pressure in the area between the shell and the bladder, pushing beer through draught lines untouched and guaranteeing a perfectly carbonated beer every time.

The concept will allow operators to serve a pint of Heineken just as it’s brewed by the company at its brewery.

With a significantly lighter weight than steel barrels and the ability to stack horizontally when not in use, the BrewLock system simplifies the installation process and on-premise storage.

“Another benefit to accounts serving Heineken BrewLock is that the kegs deliver nearly 100% yield so every last drop of profit is squeezed out of the keg,” said Kaetlyn Graham, marketing manager for Heineken Canada. “Once emptied, they are completely recyclable and reduce the carbon footprint of the supply chain process.”

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