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canadian agricultural partnership

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is offering equipment grants up to 25% (up to a maximum of $200,000) for increasing sustainability, competitiveness, and success in Ontario’s agriculture and agri-food sector. This funding is provided for projects that support plant/animal health, food safety/traceability, increased productivity, market development, and business planning/assessments.

Some companies eligible for this grant include:

  • Equipment and technology manufacturers
  • Food/pet food processors
  • Agricultural-based pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals
  • Ornamentals (flowers, shrubs)
  • Bio-products manufacturers
  • Other entities involved in the transformation of agricultural commodities and products

Applicants for this grants must be based or establishing operations in Ontario, demonstrate a potential income of $30,000 within three years of applying, and cannot use awarded funds to undermine another Canadian company.

A few of the many eligible expenditures offered through the program include:

  • Productivity improvement
  • New process or product development
  • Labour productivity plans
  • Food safety and traceability equipment

With a focus on productivity and food safety, Tri-Mach Group’s custom equipment is the perfect solution for improving your current operations. With all the available opportunities offered through this program, find out how you can implement or upgrade the sanitary equipment in your current process while saving a percentage of the cost.

Source: INAC Services