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Fresh-cut fruit has become a healthy alternative for meal time. When this twenty-five year old fruit processor recognized an increased demand for this ready to eat alternative they built several high-volume processing facilities in Canada and the US.

To meet the production targets, Tri-Mach Group Inc. designed, custom fabricated and installed two identical fresh-cut fruit production lines for two of their facilities in Canada. Each production line included an Ever-Kleen® Incline Conveyor transferring fresh-cut fruit into a stainless steel vibratory feeder and onto a new multi-head weigh scale mounted on a custom Stainless Steel Scale Support Frame with an integrated operator access platform. Through the scale the product is then conveyed again on an Ever-Kleen® Incline Conveyor into the vertical form fill bagger system and finally through the Tri-Mach Group supplied Metal Detector Conveyor with a compressed air blow-off reject system.

Throughout the project the Tri-Mach Group team worked collectively with the Customer and the other OEMs to ensure this fresh-cut fruit production line was designed & built correctly and integrated & installed on time.

Another successful turn-key solution by Tri-Mach Group Inc.