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Five trends impacting upon the dairy industry in 2016

From FoodBev

Natasha Case, CEO and Co-Founder of Coolhaus, has identified five trends that she foresees impacting the dairy industry in 2016.

  • Dairy snacks – the snack market is growing and the dairy industry should focus on strengthening its position here. Consumers want to see more healthy, but substantial, dairy products for when they are on the go
  • Fancy junk food – consumers want to enjoy junk food in a cleaner, elevated fashion. A perfect example of this is fried chicken and waffles (one of our best selling ice cream flavours) — so many restaurants have taken this comfort dish to the next level
  • Locally sourced – it has been said that locally sourced is the new organic, and we couldn’t agree more
  • Storytelling – this goes hand-in-hand with the locally sourced trend. People want to know where their products are coming from and how they are made. They want information that’s presented in a clear and digestible (pun intended) way, whether that be through packaging or social media
  • Full-fat – consumers are looking to introduce more healthy fats into their diets. Buttered coffee is very popular right now, and this full-fat trend will carry over for other dairy products, like yogurt and milk
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