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Did you know that Tri-Mach Group can build custom, food-safe tilt dumpers? Tilt dumpers are the ideal product to dump vats and containers of meats, fruits, vegetables, bulk goods, and more! Dumpers improve ergonomics and reduce strain for operators by eliminating the need to bend down and remove products from totes. Like all of our custom food-safe stainless-steel products, these tilt dumpers are fabricated in a nonferrous facility with continuous welds, free from burrs and pits. To ensure a sanitary finish, the final product is bead blasted with fine glass media.

Tri-Mach dumpers are constructed with a 5-horsepower hydraulic system and stainless steel cylinders with safety valves at each cylinder. The load will be supported in the event of a power failure or if a hydraulic hose is cut. Designed with a 40-degree dump angle, reinforced pivot points, and floor level loading, these dumpers are capable of lifting up to 3000 lbs.

We know that every project is unique, and so, our dumpers can be designed to fit your unique dump height and can be customized with manual and automatic adjustable hold-down bars, safety cages, a dirt barrier, break-away bottom, extension stands, and more. Our team of engineers will work with you to develop a solution to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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