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Corrugated Shipping Containers study on cleanliness

From Canadian Packaging

Worried about how clean those containers are? Don’t be. All 100% of corrugated shipping containers tested met acceptable sanitation levels.

Testing and analysis conducted by the University of California-Davis and toxicology experts Haley & Aldrich investigating the cleanliness of corrugated shipping containers confirmed that all corrugated containers tested met acceptable sanitation levels.

The testing was conducted on 720 swab samples taken from containers from six different corrugated manufacturers in the U.S. northwest, California and Florida. The corrugated container industry requested the third-party testing to confirm that corrugated containers provided for food packaging meet acceptable sanitation criteria at the point of use.

This follows a study from the University of Guelph late last year that indicated sanitation concerns with one of the alternative shipping methods—reusable plastic containers—whereby surface testing of these containers found high levels of bacteria.

As the U.S. study notes, recycling corrugated at the current Canadian national rate, estimated at 85 per cent, greatly reduces bacterial loading.

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