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The minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food recently announced an investment of $8.3 million to help beef producers become more competitive and innovative in the market. Through six projects, Canadian beef producers will be able to develop and strengthen international sales, while ensuring the highest standards and animal welfare are used.

$5.3 million of the investment will go towards helping the Canadian beef sector further capitalize on the trade agreement the Government of Canada has advanced with Europe, the Asia-Pacific, and North America. $1.7 million will go towards the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association to help build trust in their products around the world, utilizing the Certified Beef Production Plus Program.

With the Canadian beef industry contributing $33 billion of sales to the economy, it is essential to provide the best quality of beef possible to maintain our global reputation. Ensure the highest quality in your products by using the highest quality equipment in your production. Tri-Mach Group offers the cutting-edge sanitary solutions in our custom equipment to permit easy deep cleans and minimal downtime. Contact our sales team today at to find out how we can help your current operation.


SOURCE: Food in Canada