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A shrink sleeve label that stands out: the case for ketchup

From Identification Multi Solutions

If I say “ketchup bottle,” you visualize a red bottle, retro design reminiscent of glass bottles in restaurants with white labels. Packages of ketchup often resemble the Heinz bottle, the leading brand of ketchup, which has democratized the product and made it a success. No wonder then that Heinz’s competitors attempted to replicate the success with similar packaging, with the same inspiration. On the shelves today, in the ketchup section, you often see many bottles, all very similar. So how does a product in a saturated market, like ketchup, stand out? How do you ensure that the product doesn’t go unnoticed on shelves full of red bottles?

Traina, a California-based company, decided to be bold and make its product stand out. Their Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup bottle is fairly traditional, but it’s enhanced by a shrink sleeve label that covers the entire bottle (a full body shrink sleeve). The usual red is replaced by a beige stylish pattern. The bottle looks great amongst many other red packages, and a seal of protection is built into the sleeve label to ensure product protection.

With this package and adventurous design, Traina managed to create a special place for its product while making it stand out from the usual ketchups. It helps give the Traina ketchup brand a quality and uniqueness to stand out from other products in an already saturated market.

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