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As we say goodbye to 2013, we welcome 2014 with excitement and a new energy. As always, the holiday season was a busy time for us as we assisted our customers with installations and maintenance coverage over the Christmas break.  The cold weather has given us some challenges but, as the amount of daylight time grows each day, the promise of warmer days ahead energizes us all.

Turning to the economy, analysts predict a 2.7% positive growth rate this year. Here at Tri-Mach Group we are pushing for an ambitious 25% growth rate for 2014. Our strategic alignment with major equipment manufacturers allow Tri-Mach Group to provide our customers with a turn-key solution for any challenge they may face while supporting the continuous growth of our company.

We will all have to work very hard to reach our goal and I am confident that we can get there.

It is my pleasure to announce that Krystal Darling has recently become one of the principles of Tri-Mach Group Inc. Along with her experience and dedication, Krystal brings to the company youth, determination and an energy that will help us to continue to grow well into the future. Vice President Ryan Martin and I are very excited to have Krystal as our partner in the Tri-Mach Group of companies.

All the best in 2014.

Michael Hahn