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Tyson Fresh Meats recently announced their collaboration with IdentiGEN to create a DNA system for tracking beef products back to their origin. This DNA technology, titled TraceBack, will assure that customer’s ‘Tyson’s Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef’ has no antibiotics and no added hormones, as specified on the packaging.

Tyson states the purpose of this new system is to be completely transparent with their customers, providing confirmation that their beef meets the promised quality standards. TraceBack is the most advanced meat traceability system currently on the market, allowing the consumer to follow the story of each purchased beef product back to the ranch. The cattle used for their ‘Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef’ products are all raised by independent ranchers, include no artificial ingredients, are fed 100% vegetarian diet, and have rigorous animal welfare standards.

When it comes to high quality meat, it is important to ensure your manufacturing process uses the proper care and sanitary standards needed for your specific products. With over 34 years’ experience in the meat and poultry industry, Tri-Mach Group has the knowledge and resources to create any custom solution, tailored to each of your sanitation and operational needs. Contact our sales team today to learn more about how we can improve your process to provide the highest care possible.