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Tri-Mach Group Inc. has completed phase one of the Intralox™ Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) program in May 2013. To complete phase one, they successfully integrated and installed the ARB™ technology for a local food manufacturer for their packaging line.

ARB™ technology brings the benefits of modular plastic belting to complex package handling processes such as sorting, merging and aligning. It orients and positions packages accurately every time without complex controls and obtrusive moving parts so that problems do not occur and the line stays productive.

There are three phases to complete for the ARB™ program. Tri-Mach Group Inc. will be completing the remaining two phases within the next three months. This involves integration and installation of the ARB™ technology for 90-degree transfers, aligners and case turners on their Ever-Kleen® Conveyor Systems.

Tri-Mach Group Inc. is currently the exclusive on-site service provider for Intralox™ belting in Ontario, Canada. Introducing the Activated Roller Belt™ technology is another way that Tri-Mach Group Inc. is helping their customers meet their production goals.

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