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Tube Master Orbital Welder and Bead Blast Room

Over the past 35 years, Tri-Mach Group has positioned itself as an industry leader in food safety as a result of our innovative solutions and attention to quality. To continue our dedication to continuous improvement and to implement equipment that will enhance productivity and food safety, we are excited to announce the purchase of a brand-new Tube Master Orbital Welder and Bead Blast Room.

Our new orbital welder will bring enhanced digital technology to our welds including unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. This machine will eliminate the need for periodic weld head calibration as the rotation speed remains accurate regardless of headwear, and heads can be interchanged in a timely manner. Our new processes will enhance productivity within our shop and guarantee excellent welding.

Next, our new bead blast room builds on our commitment to sanitation, creating clean, ready-to-use final products for our customers. This bead blast process ensures all surfaces will have a sanitary finish to mitigate the risk of contamination, which is essential within the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

The main benefits of bead blasting for stainless steel are:
• It provides a clean and consistent, streak-free finish, even on complex shaped fabrications.
• Ensures that the surfaces of the fabrication are free from lines, grooves, pits, or divots which could encourage the growth of microbiological organisms.
• It removes any dirt and debris created during machining and processing operations such as grinding, drilling, and milling.
• Removes any scale from the fabrication which has been deposited before or after any heat treatment processes, including welding.

The addition of these two machines will not only increase our productivity but also enhance our focus on sanitary solutions which will allow us to expand into new markets. If you want more information on how our new Tube Master Orbital Welder and Bead Blast Room can be used to increase sanitation and benefit your next project, contact our sales team at

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New at Tri-Mach Group Inc.

Tri-Mach Group of Companies Welcomes H&S Manager

Tri-Mach Group of Companies is pleased to welcome Tom Anstee to the company as Health & Safety Manager. Tom is responsible for supporting the safety and wellbeing of all employees across our three companies, which in turn ensures the safety of our customers. As part of his role, Tom will regularly visit our field service teams working at customer sites to ensure all work is completed safely.

Tom comes to the Group of Companies with over 20 years of Health & Safety experience and holds a diploma in Human Resources from Sheridan College. This past experience and education makes him the perfect fit to lead the safety of our Group of Companies, especially through trying times such as these with the increased safety measures due to COVID-19.

Tom joins us as a result of our continued growth across each of the three organizations, both in the scope of our projects and number of employees hired.  As we have grown, we have realized the need for a dedicated safety department to further encourage our commitment to supporting our employees. Tom will maintain each of our employees are following proper processes and procedures, and are up to date on all certifications, through continual site visits and in-house training.

Tri-Mach Group of Companies is thrilled to have Tom join our team during our continual growth, keeping each of our team members safe and implementing new procedures to raise overall efficiency.

Food Safety 101

Ensuring Food Safety During an Outbreak

In December 2019, the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) that began in Wuhan, China, spread rapidly across the world. The global pandemic has cities under strict lockdowns, declaring state of emergencies, non-essential services are closing their doors indefinitely and the virus is showing no signs of slowing down. As grocery stores are seeing an influx of customers and empty shelves to show for it, consumers are curious about the integrity of their food in times of a viral outbreak.

The COVID-19 outbreak shouldn’t have consumers worried about the safety of their food as it is not a foodborne gastrointestinal virus and there has been no evidence to date that the virus is foodborne or transmitted by food packaging. However, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that COVID-19 can live on cardboard for hours and on hard surfaces such as plastic for up to three days. It is imperative that food processors provide their employees with resources to ensure they are practicing proper hygiene and sanitization, so their customers can be reassured that the integrity of their products remains top of mind.

The food safety measures that are already in place to prevent foodborne illness such as frequent handwashing and cleaning of surfaces and utensils already reduce the transmission of any virus or bacteria particles through food. During times of an outbreak, these measures are heightened therefore the likelihood of COVID-19 being transmitted through food production is very low. Furthermore, food processors are encouraged to increase Employee Safety equipment within their facilities, such as PPE Barriers, and touch-free tools. Following protocols set by local and provincial health is a good way to ensure you are creating a safe environment for employees and consumers.

To give your customers peace of mind in times of uncertainty, ensure your facility is equipped with sanitary solutions. Tri-Mach Group’s sanitary equipment was created to address the gap between equipment design, food safety, and sanitization. We strive to provide world-class sanitary solutions to our customers so you too, can continue to focus on keeping food safe always and during times of an outbreak. For more information on our sanitary solutions including PPE Barriers, contact our sales team at, or visit our webstore at

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Product Showcase

Introducing Tri-Mach Group Web Store

Tri-Mach Group is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Web Store, allowing customers and the general public to buy sanitary equipment online within minutes and have it delivered to their door within days. This e-commerce store was created to help better serve our customers and provide new products tailored to combat the spread of COVID-19, both in businesses and homes. Each of our products are manufactured within our non-ferrous facility and hold employee safety as the top priority.

Along with various current customer favourites on the website, the website also includes a variety of new products to support the needs of our customers during these changing times. Some of the current products we offer include Sanitary Drive-Thru trays, contactless door openers, PPE barriers, portable ATM extenders, and more.

To browse our current product selection and start your ordering process today, visit and visit our products page. For bulk pricing and product customization, speak to an agent on our live chat or send us an email via the contact page.

A Message From Our President

2020 has been off to a challenging start, as we have been facing the COVID-19 pandemic for a large portion of the year thus far. One thing remains true, the team at Tri-Mach group consistently steps up to the plate and faces every challenge with grit, hard work, and determination. With food production ramping up their lines to stock the empty shelves, Tri-Mach is here to help support food processors meet current demands and provide the necessary equipment to protect their employees.

As always, our engineers, fabricators, machinists, assembly team, and millwrights worked hard to complete current projects while taking on new ones to help during trying times. With the safety of our employees always being top of mind, I am humbled to see everyone roll up their sleeves and come together to ensure our customers can do their job efficiently and to continue to put food on people’s plates.

Thank you to all of our employees and partners who have made this quarter a success. We have another busy quarter ahead of us and we are eager to take on more projects that will allow us to put our new equipment to good use.

Thank you for reading this edition of IMPACT.


Ryan Martin
Tri-Mach Inc.