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Replacement Vegetable Line at Bonduelle Group

Plant-based foods have become a demographic, social, and economic issue that has rapidly transformed the agricultural sector. Many consumers turn towards a vegetarian or vegan diet with the trending ideal of a healthier and more natural way of eating. According to AgriFood Canada, it is estimated that agricultural sales are currently at record highs and the demand for vegetable proteins are projected to increase by 40% in 2030. How do we as suppliers and manufacturers in the food and beverage industry adjust to such increasingly high demands?

In 2012, Bonduelle entered a new phase of development where the company officially launched their corporate project called VegeGo! This corporate project has represented Bonduelle as a world leader in the vegetable industry, ensuring healthy ways of living through vegetable products. This revolutionary project has defined Bonduelle’s future for 2025.

Tri-Mach Group recently completed a replacement vegetable line with Bonduelle at their facility in Tecumseh, Ontario. During the past several months, Tri-Mach Group has worked with Bonduelle to create a more modernized and sanitary vegetable processing line. With the installation of Tri-Mach Group’s sanitary stainless steel equipment and personnel platforms, Bonduelle’s vegetable processing line has resulted in a smoother and more efficient operation. Tri-Mach Group supplied, installed, and commissioned all stainless steel process piping as well as all of the conveying systems that measure up to 300 feet in length.

Tri-Mach Group is honored to work with Bonduelle in creating more innovative, long-term solutions to meet the growing consumer demand in the vegetable market. For more information on how to make your facility run more efficiently, contact our sales department at:
New at Tri-Mach Group Inc.

Tri-Mach Group Welcomes New Production Control Manager

Tri-Mach Group would like to officially welcome Mona Hisaki, as there new Production Control Manager. In Mona’s previous roles as Director of Supply Chain, Director of Procurement and as a Manufacturing Manager, Mona was able to collaborate with all areas of manufacturing to improve efficiency and quality. In her role with Tri-Mach Group, Mona will oversee all production planning as well as our purchasing department.

Mona will liaise with our Engineering, Fabrication, Machining and Assembly departments in order to improve lead times, quality and create new and efficient processes. “The key to the execution of manufacturing any product, is communication within the entire organization. Everyone plays an important role in manufacturing; not just the production floor employees. Being a focused team and sharing information real-time, allows for flexibility in design, manufacturing and providing superior customer service to our customers.” Mona has an excellent track record of continuous improvement, which will aid Tri-Mach Group through our upcoming projects! “We have an amazing team, and as a team have the opportunity to make positive changes that will benefit the entire organization and our customers.” Tri-Mach Group is very excited to welcome Mona to our team!

Food Safety 101

Tri-Mach Group’s Sanitation Solution

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFA) has recently announced new regulations to improve food safety standards across Canada. The statement explains that these new regulations “will provide clear and consistent rules for food commodities” so consumers can be confident that food on their grocery shelves is safer to eat. When it comes to food and beverage industry sales and consumption, each market place is evolving quite rapidly, specifically the Pet Food, Dairy, Bakery, Meat and Vegetable industries. According to the CFIA, “Canada is recognized as having one of the strongest food safety systems in the world”. However, “the speed, volume and complexity of food production have produced new risks and challenges, and one of these challenges is “the consumer”.

It is important to recognize that our consumers play a very important role in the food safety system as they report food safety concerns regularly to the CFIA. The CFIA claims that there are approximately 3000 food safety investigations that happen per year and 10% of those result in a recall incident. How do we as food and beverage equipment suppliers accommodate to these challenges in food safety? Due to the new food safety regulations, food processors have a high demand for equipment that is easier to clean, assemble, disassemble and maintain.

The interest in sanitary technology has grown exponentially, as many food processing facilities have demanded more from their equipment suppliers. Tri-Mach Group’s sanitary equipment was created to address the concerning gap between equipment design, food safety and sanitation as a profession. Tri-Mach Group strives to provide world-class sanitary solutions to our valued customers, as our focus continues to be food safe, with zero cross-contamination. For more information on Tri-Mach Group’s sanitary solutions, contact our sales team at

Food safety for industry
Final Safe Food for Canadians Regulations are published: CFIA
Partner Showcase

Lorik Tool & Automation

In 1988, Doug Lowe and Ben Schrik, both certified tool makers recognized a growing need in the automation industry and together founded Lorik Tool Inc. and eventually changed the name to Lorik Tool & Automation Inc. (Lorik). After several years of continued growth, Lorik built a 28,000 square foot custom manufacturing facility on Copernicus Boulevard in Brantford, Ontario. For over thirty years, Lorik has been committed to producing quality automated products and services for companies around the world. Lorik has the knowledge and resources to view their customer’s concerns and create new and innovative ways in which those concerns can be solved.  Lorik’s thorough understanding of automated equipment enables them to devise solutions to greatly increase the production of their customer’s products. Tri-Mach Group is proud to work with such an innovative and knowledgeable company in the automation industry.

Tri-Mach Group recently had the privilege of working closely with Lorik on a large pharmaceutical project and is looking forward to taking on new and challenging automation projects with Lorik in the near future.

A Message From Our President

It’s been a great start to the third quarter at Tri-Mach Group. It seems that every quarter, our company is growing and has some exciting news to share. Tri-Mach Group has been working on some big projects this summer, keeping our shop busy as always. Our focus for this quarter is in the meat processing industry, as there is such a high demand this summer, especially because of barbeque season.

Tri-Mach Group has hired a few new faces in the shop, sales and millwrighting departments – including Mona Hisaki, our new Production Control Manager. In her role with Tri-Mach Group, Mona will oversee the production planning and the purchasing department where she will work to improve lead times, quality and create new, efficient processes. She has an excellent track record of continuous improvement which will aid us through our next big projects!

Our team is not the only thing that is expanding at Tri-Mach Group, we have some new plans in the works for 2019. Tri-Mach Group is happy to announce that the recent purchase 18 Donway Court where we will be building our new Elmira Head Quarters! With the new facility, Tri-Mach Group expects to be able to reduce our lead times, have a dedicated FAT area and of course be able to take on even bigger projects!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and suppliers for their continued support. Thank you all for your part in such a successful second quarter! We have a lot more work ahead of us and we are eager to take on even bigger and more complex projects in our new facility.

Thank you for reading this edition of IMPACT.


Ryan Martin
Tri-Mach Inc.