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Chicken on the path to world domination: OECD

From The Sydney Morning Herald

Once, pork could do no wrong. It was cheap, plentiful and versatile. Now its day is done. The OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2014 report has revealed that the world’s insatiable appetite for chicken is surging to new highs.

“Currently, pork accounts for the greatest share in world total meat production,” the OECD report said. “However, a comparatively slower growth rate through the next decade will result in it being surpassed by poultry by 2020.”

Increasingly pork and beef are being left behind by consumers more interested in the cheaper poultry alternative.

Out of the 111 kilograms of meat consumed per capita by Australians each year, 43 kilograms of that was chicken. By comparison, Australians are spending nearly twice as much on beef as they are on chicken – for half the amount of consumption.

Worldwide, chicken remains the cheapest and most accessible meat. The OECD report found that unlike pork, which is not eaten by Jews or Muslims, “poultry faces few cultural barriers related to its consumption across geographical areas”.

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