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Mettler Toledo’s high-throughput checkweigher gives ‘future-proof system’

From Food Quality News

Mettler-Toledo Garvens has introduced a checkweigher so food manufacturers can achieve higher throughput rates and future-proof production lines. The C3000 System, a modular platform available in different configurations, increases the safety of the production processes and ensures high throughput rates as manufacturers face increasing demands on line efficiency, claims the firm.

A food-grade variant, the CM3530, combines a checkweigher with Safeline Profile metal detection technology – ensuring products have the correct weight and are free from ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants. The CM3530 features a password-protected collection container, meaning it can only be opened by authorised personnel. Frank Hamann, global product development manager, said the trend or purchasing decision on the product inspection equipment depends upon a manufacturers’ HACCP audit and internal quality process.

The majority of manufacturers in food currently weigh applications at speeds up to 300 packs per minute, said Hamann. Mettler-Toledo’s C3000 System covers a calibratable weighing range of 3 grams to 10 kilograms and checks up to 600 products per minute.

The system uses multiple rejection options to reject items of an incorrect weight, in different types and sizes of packaging, according to their consistency. The platform also has an integrated rejection check that inspects the production line in the area of the sorting equipment to ensure that products which should be rejected are successfully separated. They can then be checked manually. If the product does meet the weight requirements, it can be returned to the production process. This minimises rejects and increases productivity on the production lines. The optional collection container, which is electromechanically locked, provides additional safety.

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