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Agri-Food Processing ‘Key Part’ Of Ontario’s Economic Future

Agri-Food Processing ‘Key Part’ Of Ontario’s Economic Future From Blackburn News Food and Beverage Ontario is endorsing recommendations of a recent report on Canada’s processed food trade deficit. The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute report urged the various industry stakeholders to work together to tackle the deficit and become more competitive in the global market. The […]

What’s next in active and intelligent food packaging?

What’s next in active and intelligent food packaging? From Packaging World Among the types of active and intelligent packaging most commonly researched is antimicrobial food packaging. But when will we see commercialization and true marketplace impact? The applications that are commercialized seem to have small and narrow markets. Films or sachets are available containing nisin, […]

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Launches Consultations on Canada’s Food Safety System

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – July 2, 2013) – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is asking consumers and food industry stakeholders to express their opinions on three elements of the Safe Food for Canadians Action Plan, which aims to strengthen and modernize Canada’s food safety system. The CFIA’s compliance promotion initiative, the proposed new regulatory framework […]

Sysco Announces Plans To Buy Appert’s

The world’s largest food distributor Sysco announced plans to purchase Appart’s Food Service earlier this month. Although the deal still needs final approval before they are Appert’s can be legally handed over to Sysco, both companies believe it should be finished by January, 2013. So, what exactly does this deal mean for the two food-based […]

XL Foods Inc. Taken Over By JBS

In the wake of one Canada’s largest beef recalls in history, the company responsible for the shipping out the tainted meat, XL Foods Inc., recently announced a deal in place that would give control over to Brazilian-based JBS. It’s unclear if the beef recall was a factor in this large management change, but most analysts […]

Food Manufacturing Giant Sysco Names Randy White President of Sysco Canada

Sysco, the world’s largest food distributor, recently announced the names of their new president and chief executive operating officer for the company’s Canadian branch. Although this didn’t come as a total surprise for most people familiar with the company, the timing certainly threw most people off. Sysco announced that Randy White would take over the […]

Different Types of Food Freezing Technology

Different Types of Food Freezing Technology Freezing is a method of food preservation which has been used by humans for thousands of years. In the past, freezing food was as simple as surrounding it with a block of freshly carved ice to keep its core temperature lowered. While the technology and methods have changed over […]