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Parts Q & A with Tri-Mach’s After Sales Support Manager

Q.1. Why is stocking spare parts so important?

Having a well-stocked inventory of spare parts is absolutely crucial to avoiding major production shutdowns. Even the most robust equipment requires certain parts to be replaced on a regular basis and many factors can impact the longevity of your equipment, including improper maintenance programs, harsh sanitation processes, human error, and more. What needs to be factored in is the lead time for acquiring replacement parts. You must consider if your facility can do without a conveyor or full production line for an extended amount of time, on average 2-5 weeks, and if so, what is the cost of unwanted downtime? For most customers, that can run into the tens of thousands daily, if not more. By purchasing our recommended spare parts, you will have the peace of mind of being able to significantly reduce unwanted downtime, saving you both time and money.

Q.2. What spare parts do you recommend customers always have on hand?

What’s great about Tri-Mach is that we’ve been in the industry for over 35 years and our experience allows us to recommend spare parts based on our customer’s operating capacity and equipment type. The spare parts we recommend having on hand are what we deem Critical Spare Parts which include Gearboxes, Motors, Belting, Sprockets, and Bearings. Critical Spare Parts are the ones you never want to be caught without because without them, production halts.

Q.3. What Spare Parts Packages does Tri-Mach offer?

At Tri-Mach, we organize our spare parts into two categories, the first being Critical Spare Parts as I previously mentioned, and the second being Standard Spare Parts which consist of general wear and tear replacement parts.

We currently offer a Critical Spare Parts Package to customers after the purchase of our equipment. This package includes an Engineering Manual and the recommended spare parts for their project. For Standard Spare Parts, we offer individualized pricing so that they may be purchased as needed. 

Q.4. Why is Tri-Mach a reliable source for spare parts?

Tri-Mach is a reliable source for spare parts for several reasons. With decades of experience, we have become industry experts and can customize spare parts packages to fit our customers’ exact needs. We’re also able to fabricate most of our spare parts in-house using our dedicated machine shop, CNC router or laser cutter, which significantly reduces turnaround time for our customers. And not to mention, we have a dedicated After Sales Support Team whose priority is customer care long after our equipment is installed.

Q.5. Want to learn more about our Spare Parts Packages? Email our After Sales Support Team at insidesales@tri-mach.com.

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