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Turn-Key Fresh Poultry Pack-Off System

In partnership with one of the largest consumer food processors in the world, Tri-Mach Group Inc. was honoured to design, build & install their new turn-key custom Fresh Poultry Pack-Off System. In addition to the high volume of fresh drum meat, thigh meat & wing meat to be packed, food safety & sanitary design were the Customer’s top priorities.

Tri-Mach Group Inc.’s commitment to sanitary design & top-quality manufacturing made them a perfect fit for the project. The project was multi-faceted: receive up to 500,000 individual fresh poultry cuts per day from the existing automated poultry cut-up & portioning system, scale & pack them into cases of varying sizes, & transfer the full cases through a CVP system & onto the existing overhead conveyor to the palletizing area. The system had to be food-safe, easy to clean & inspect, & fit into the tight constraints of the existing pack-off area’s footprint.

The Tri-Mach Group Inc. solution was to build five identical hopper conveyors, one for each cut of meat, allowing the pack-off area to work at a staggered pace while receiving the products continuously from the automated system. The hopper conveyors were built with Ever-Kleen® technology, using the most sanitary components & materials – including the ultra-hygienic Intralox® ThermoDrive smooth blue urethane belting. Each hopper conveyor was designed to be easily disassembled without tools to ensure all areas could be adequately cleaned & inspected. The sanitation supervisors said they had never seen anything so easily disassembled, & they were excited to work with a conveyor system that made cleaning easier, quicker, & most importantly, more effective.

MAREL, a leading global provider of advanced equipment for the poultry processing industry, was selected to provide the scales for the system. Tri-Mach Group Inc. worked closely with MAREL to ensure seamless integration of the scales into the pack off system, including testing of the scales with fresh product prior to installation.

Filled & scaled cases are then transferred to CVP automatic sealing equipment. The CVP indexes each full case to one of three operator stations for sealing. An incline conveyor was designed to integrate with the existing overhead conveyor to transfer the finished cases to the palletizing area.

This turn-key solution, designed by Tri-Mach Group Inc., has been a complete success from the initial proposal to the supply & installation of the equipment, to the training & follow-up support. Tri-Mach Group Inc. looks forward to continuing their relationship with this highly valued Customer.