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Major Projects

Turn-Key Box Transfer,
Sorting & Accumulation System

Poultry Processor

General Contractor for
Full Facility Transformation

Goat Cheese Producer
Lindsay, ON

Turn-Key Packaging
Room Expansion

Tradition Fine Food
Toronto, Ontario

Turn-Key Tote
Delivery System

Vantage Foods

Turn-Key Fresh Poultry
Pack-Off System

Poultry Processing Line
London, Ontario

Snack Food Processing
Phase 1

Snack Food Processing Line
Weston, Ontario

Fresh-Cut Fruit Production Lines

Fresh-Cut Fruit Processor

Fresh-Cut Fruit Processing Line Automation
Richmond, British Columbia

Meat Manufacturer

Food Processing Line
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fruit Farm

Apple Processing Line
Elmira, Ontario

Meat Manufacturer

Sausage Processing Line
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Conestoga College

Institute of Food Processing Technology
– Pilot Plant
Kitchener, Ontario

Meat Manufacturer

HPP Packaging Line
Norval, Ontario

Pharmaceutical Processor

Bottle Processing Line
Guelph, Ontario

Beverage Manufacturer

Bottle Processing Line
Guelph, Ontario

Poultry Processor

Poulty Processing Facility Installation
Smithville, Ontario

Vinegar Processor

Turn-Key Services and Building Enhancements
Stayner, ON

Wholesale Distributor

Zeppelin Equipment Installation
Vaughan, ON