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Ever-Kleen® Ergonomic Stands

Built with Ever-Kleen® Technology


The Ever-Kleen® Ergonomic Stands are the newest addition to our Tri-Mach Group line of custom products which are now available to companies who truly appreciate the importance of food safety and employee wellbeing.

The ergonomic stands are sanitary in design, featuring stainless steel construction, slip-resistant decking with cushion and flex for employee comfort. The Stands are durable and stackable at 2.5” increments allowing employees to work at their proper ergonomic height, increasing employee productivity and well-being.

Each stand measures 18” L x 24” W x 5” for easy transporting and lifting has been made simple with laser cut side handles. Additional options include RAW/RTE/PKG laser cut into stands for designation in specific areas in your facility.

Ever-Kleen® Ergonomic Stand Gallery

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For more information or to place an order, contact our After-Sales Support & Parts Coordinator, Pierre Baril, to learn more: pbaril@tri-mach.com

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