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Stainless Steel Smoke Sticks & Trolleys

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Stainless Steel Smoke Sticks:

Smoke products easily with Tri-Mach Group’s high-quality, easy-to-clean smoke sticks. Each stick is constructed of #4-14 gauge stainless steel, and sticks come in both “flat” and “flared” edge designs.



Flared Edge
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Stainless Steel Trolleys:

  • Smoke Trolleys are able to hold smoke sticks, constructed on 304 stainless steel
  • Standard Trolleys have 8 hanging levels each to accommodate 18 smoke sticks across
  • Each Trolley has 6 caster wheels with the center, 2 being offset in height for ease of mobility 
  • Includes 2 handles on either end of each trolley for operator control
  • Custom designs and dimensions are available 

For more information or to place an order, contact our After-Sales Support & Parts Coordinator, Pierre Baril, to learn more: pbaril@tri-mach.com

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