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Guillotine Conveyor

Ever-Kleen Guillotine Conveyor
Our guillotine system, available as a standalone component or mounted to any conveyor, is a high-performance and sanitary slicing solution. Custom built for dough, meat, confectionery, or dairy slicing, its stainless steel construction minimizes bacteria harborage. Designed with an adjustable cutting angle of 45° to 90°, the guillotine can integrate seamlessly into any processing line.

Our Ever-Kleen® conveyor is versatile, with the ability to adjust the infeed and discharge heights. Built with sanitation and efficiency as top priorities, the belt can be removed in minutes without tools to reduce complexity and downtime.

Each Ever-Kleen® guillotine conveyor is custom built to suit your slicing needs. Contact us to learn more about how the Tri-Mach Group guillotine can improve your operation’s output!

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