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Pass It On Referral Program

What is the “Pass-it-On” Referral Program?

This past year has taught us that staying connected and supporting one another are essential to maintaining the health of our employees, customers, and economy.

Tri-Mach’s “Pass-it-On” referral program is centered around this connectivity and most importantly, on support. The objective of this program is to grow our impact within the industries we serve through referrals provided by you – our supportive customers, associates, and friends. In turn, we support those who generously endorse us.

Here’s How it Works

For each referral you provide, you will earn 1 point – and points equal rewards!

Providing just one referral will automatically place you into our referral program. Although, the more referrals you provide, the better the rewards. Some of the current rewards include Tri-Mach branded:

How to Submit Your Referrals

Connect us to your business associates, friends, or anyone who could benefit from our products and services by filling out the form found below or send your referrals to sales@tri-mach.com.

You will be notified of the rewards you are eligible to receive by your sales representative upon referral submission. Rewards will be distributed as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding how to enter, our current list of rewards, or any additional inquiries regarding Tri-Mach’s Pass-it-On referral program, please contact sales@tri-mach.com.

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