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Intralox® ThermoDrive®


Sanitary conveyor belts, solutions, and services

Tri-Mach Group is a proud user of Intralox® ThermoDrive® conveyor belting as a food safe, easy-to-clean solution in direct food contact applications. ThermoDrive combines the sanitary advantages of homogeneous thermoplastic belting with the signature low-maintenance design of Intralox modular belting.

ThermoDrive belting contributes to our Ever-Kleen® products by being flexible, sanitary, and easy to maintain. Its innovative, zero pre-tension design – a feature made possible by Intralox’s Patented Thermodrive Limiter System – eliminates tensioning, tracking, and sanitation issues, and can reduce cleaning time by up to 75% over traditional flat belts.

With a focus on improving food safety, we’re proud to partner with Intralox and offer ThermoDrive belting on our Ever-Kleen® conveyors. Their 40+ years of experience and our shared dedication to manufacturing quality sanitary equipment makes this a valuable partnership that will benefit all our customers.

  • Fruit and vegetable processing
  • Meat and poultry processing
  • Seafood processing
  • Snack and confectionery processing