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Dry drinks that dissolve in the mouth

From FoodBev.com

ViBErant has introduced “a new dimension to the soft drink” market. It dissolves in the mouth “and delivers an incredible sparkle and flavour experience”.

Over $4 million has been invested in the business behind it, ViBEration.

How does it work? Well, it’s a tablet, with people as “the bottle and the water.” You don’t need to make it up. Nor should you swallow it.

“We spent nearly ten years on intensive research and development,” said ViBEration founder Aaron Serge Bueno.

“Dry-Drinks are a novel format of beverage products, invented for people who appreciate purity. During our US roadshow, we realised one of the major preferences for ViBErant was to consume it directly, without adding any water, just enjoying the pure taste and excitement of it. They wanted to be ‘the bottle and the water’ and have the tablets supplying only the pure sparkling flavour.”

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