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Parts Q & A with Tri-Mach’s After Sales Support Manager

Q.1. Why is stocking spare parts so important?

Having a well-stocked inventory of spare parts is absolutely crucial to avoiding major production shutdowns. Even the most robust equipment requires certain parts to be replaced on a regular basis and many factors can impact the longevity of your equipment, including improper maintenance programs, harsh sanitation processes, human error, and more. What needs to be factored in is the lead time for acquiring replacement parts. You must consider if your facility can do without a conveyor or full production line for an extended amount of time, on average 2-5 weeks, and if so, what is the cost of unwanted downtime? For most customers, that can run into the tens of thousands daily, if not more. By purchasing our recommended spare parts, you will have the peace of mind of being able to significantly reduce unwanted downtime, saving you both time and money.

Q.2. What spare parts do you recommend customers always have on hand?

What’s great about Tri-Mach is that we’ve been in the industry for over 35 years and our experience allows us to recommend spare parts based on our customer’s operating capacity and equipment type. The spare parts we recommend having on hand are what we deem Critical Spare Parts which include Gearboxes, Motors, Belting, Sprockets, and Bearings. Critical Spare Parts are the ones you never want to be caught without because without them, production halts.

Q.3. What Spare Parts Packages does Tri-Mach offer?

At Tri-Mach, we organize our spare parts into two categories, the first being Critical Spare Parts as I previously mentioned, and the second being Standard Spare Parts which consist of general wear and tear replacement parts.

We currently offer a Critical Spare Parts Package to customers after the purchase of our equipment. This package includes an Engineering Manual and the recommended spare parts for their project. For Standard Spare Parts, we offer individualized pricing so that they may be purchased as needed. 

Q.4. Why is Tri-Mach a reliable source for spare parts?

Tri-Mach is a reliable source for spare parts for several reasons. With decades of experience, we have become industry experts and can customize spare parts packages to fit our customers’ exact needs. We’re also able to fabricate most of our spare parts in-house using our dedicated machine shop, CNC router or laser cutter, which significantly reduces turnaround time for our customers. And not to mention, we have a dedicated After Sales Support Team whose priority is customer care long after our equipment is installed.

Q.5. Want to learn more about our Spare Parts Packages? Email our After Sales Support Team at insidesales@tri-mach.com.

At Tri-Mach Group, our vision is to become the number one employer of the skilled trades in North America. To achieve this goal, we are constantly introducing new initiatives to improve the quality of training for our employees and to encourage more individuals to begin a career in the skilled trades. Some crucial steps we have taken to uphold our vision include the following:

Conestoga College Board of Governors

Tri-Mach Group has a long-standing partnership with the Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. From providing co-op and apprenticeship opportunities to organizing experiential learning projects, we work together to improve the quality of education for those pursuing a career in the skilled trades.

Tri-Mach Group’s CEO, Krystal Darling, is a member of the Conestoga College Board of Directors and contributes a valuable industry perspective to the board’s objectives. Her position provides a voice for the skilled trades within the educational sphere, focusing on the promotion of skilled trade excellence and improving the provincial licencing process for apprentices.


Centre of Excellence Training Program

Our Centre of Excellence training program is available to all our skilled trades employees and is designed to provide in-house training for those eager to new learn new skills or to enhance their capabilities. Essential skills are taught by our experienced Team Leads using the same procedures performed in our fabrication facility daily. Employees can even earn their CWB and TSSA certifications through the Centre of Excellence program with courses taught by our in-house representatives.

These key initiatives and many more help bring us closer to our vision of becoming the number one employer of the skilled trades in North America, creating a better future of skilled tradespeople.  


The federal and provincial governments in partnership with the Canadian Agricultural Partnership are awarding approximately 6 million dollars to food and beverage processors wanting to improve the efficiency and safety of their operations.

The Cost-Share Funding Program

Named the Cost-Share Funding Program, food and beverage processors may be eligible to receive funding to commercialize or adapt advanced technology, update traceability and biosecurity systems, animal handling facilities, and more. A series of application intakes are scheduled for the upcoming months. Applications for the month of August will be accepted from August 5th, 2021, to September 2nd, 2021.

A second phase of intakes will become available September 27th, 2021 and will be open until October 18th, 2021.

How to Apply

  • Access the Cost-Share Funding Program webpage by clicking here: OMAFRA
  • Choose the type of project that would benefit your business from the list of eligible projects. Click the title of the project (highlighted in green) to read more and to access the application form (PDF file)
  • Confirm your eligibility
  • Complete the application form according to the instructions
  • Submit the completed application form with all required documentation to agpartnership@ontario.ca

Receiving Funding

  • You will be notified when your application has been approved
  • Your business will then enter into a legal agreement with the province of Ontario to fund the project
  • The project must be completed according to the terms and conditions of the legal agreement
  • To receive funding, submit a claim(s) to the province of Ontario to be reimbursed for the costs of the project

For more information contact OMAFRA via email at agpartnership@ontario.ca or call 1-877-424-1300


Several factors contribute to waste in bakery production, many of which can be corrected to reduce waste during the processing stage. When we refer to waste, we are considering not only the loss of tangible raw or finished goods, but also lost time, energy, and money. Below we explore the major causes of waste in bakery production and provide suggestions to mitigate losses and improve production line efficiency.

What Can Cause Waste in Bakery Production?

Equipment Malfunctions and Breakdowns
The most common cause of waste in bakery production is losses due to equipment malfunctions and breakdowns. Ovens, dippers, fillers, extruders, cutters, slicers, enrobers – all these machines have the potential to malfunction and waste valuable raw materials, time, and money.

Damaged Final Products
Product can be damaged in just about any way possible on a production line, and when delicate pastries and baked goods are being processed the chance of product being damaged increases significantly. Whether it be by equipment or operator error, mitigating the risk of damaged product comes down to choosing high-quality equipment that can be easily maintained and operated.

Product Rejections/Recalls
Products are often rejected or recalled due to dangerous cross-contamination or mislabelling at the processing or transportation levels. Major rejections and recalls require all contaminated products to be returned and discarded – resulting in large amounts of waste. Bakery products that contain meat, dairy, and egg or that have a short expiry date are more likely to cause foodborne illness in consumers.

Reducing Waste in Bakery Production

Upgrade or Remove Dated Equipment
The first step to reducing waste in bakery production is to remove equipment that is a risk to the quality of your final product and replace it with sanitary and reliable equipment from a trusted manufacturer. We also recommend having a service team repair your equipment during production downtime to maximize the efficiency and results of your bakery production line.

Introduce Visible Inspection Points
Raw materials, time, and energy are expensive commodities in bakery production, and that is why detecting errors in production early on is critical to reducing waste. Introducing visible inspection points throughout your bakery production line offers real-time detection of operational errors. X-rays, metal detection, UV light, hyperspectral imaging technology, and clear plastic or glass inspection sites are just some of the methods available to increase inspection.

Reduce the Risk of Cross-Contamination
Equipment-to-food cross-contamination is one of the most common types of cross-contamination. In serious cases, this type of contamination could result in illness or death. To avoid cross-contamination on your bakery production line it is critical that you schedule routine washdowns and perform deep cleans of your equipment before starting a product changeover. By implementing these practices, you can significantly reduce the risk and frequency of product rejections and recalls.

Create a Sanitation Schedule
Having a sanitation schedule in place is essential to avoiding product rejections and recalls. Knowing when sanitation of each section of the line is needed and how long it will take is important to limiting downtime as much as possible.

Stay Up to Date on Food Safety Regulations
To reduce waste in bakery production that is caused by product failing to meet food safety standards, make sure you stay up to date on the latest food safety regulations and standards found below:

The Tri-Mach Advantage

Tri-Mach specializes in the design and fabrication of custom equipment for the bakery industry. Our equipment is built with our patented Ever-Kleen® Technology, which offers the best sanitary equipment designs on the market. Made in our non-ferrous facility, our equipment is entirely built using stainless steel angle frame construction with smooth welds to limit bacteria harbourage areas.

To establish the highest levels of food safety in your production facility, we ensure that our sanitary equipment is AMI, 3A, HACCP, NSF, and GFSI compliant. We regularly train our employees to keep them up to date on all food safety regulations and modify our equipment to fit new standards.

Headed to an over or freezer? Our Bake-Kleen™ Conveyor is the ultimate custom product for bakery processors. A product that was created specifically for bakery, The Bake-Kleen™ features high or low-temperature components, extra-wide surface areas, and knife edges on either end of the belt to ensure smooth product transfers.

For more information about the Bake-Kleen™ Conveyor or to speak to one of our experts about Tri-Mach’s custom bakery solutions contact sales@tri-mach.com.

– HealthLine
– Global Risk Community

As the demand for increased production rates evolves, so must the capabilities of the equipment we use in production. Standard conveyor design has a limited top-end speed due to the material properties of the common components. Tri-Mach’s custom High-speed Conveyor Systems are designed to withstand the increased pace of today’s food and beverage processing.

High-speed systems are required for production lines capable of processing large volumes of product in short amounts of runtime. Our high-speed conveyors are customizable to fit the requirements of your facility and are capable of running product at speeds several times faster than the standard conveyor. Dependent on the product specifications, these conveyors can reach speeds of up to 250 FPM.

At Tri-Mach, ensuring that your processes run at peak efficiency is extremely important to us. Moving your product around the facility should never hinder your ability to produce at a maximum rate. That is why our high-speed systems allow the connected equipment to run at full potential. These systems also include high-speed smart laning and merging capabilities, and flexible systems that can be modified to fit any production facility.

Our High-speed Conveyor Systems are ideal for keeping up with high-speed processing because they can be customized to fit your exact specifications. Simple design and manufacturing concepts allow for easy cleaning and maintenance while remaining robust enough to handle the forces developed from high-speed conveyance. To learn more about how these systems can improve your processing line, send us an email at sales@tri-mach.com.

What is a “Kick-Off-Kit”?

We at Tri-Mach know how challenging starting a new job can be. Getting to know your colleagues and navigating your workspace can be overwhelming, so we wanted to make the transition into your new role as fun as possible. That is why we created the “Kick-Off-Kit”, an orientation gift to welcome the newest members of our family with open arms.

What’s Included in the Kick-Off Kit?

The Kick-Off-Kit is filled with Tri-Mach branded swag to help our newest hires fit in right from the start. Tri-Mach branded coffee tumblers, lanyards, notepads, t-shirts, and so much more are packed into the kit. Complete with a personalized welcome message, they have everything you need to feel at home.

Company Culture

Printed on the Kick-Off-Kit are our Mission, Vision and Value statements. These statements tell a little bit about our beliefs, goals, and company culture. Tri-Mach recognizes that our employees are the heart of our business and that is why we provide opportunities for continued training and development to allow you to build your career with us. These initiatives combined with our commitment to maintaining a family-oriented workplace centered around creative thinking, innovation, respect, and support are what set us apart.

Interested in joining our family? Click here to view our current list of job openings.

What is the “Pass-it-On” Referral Program?

This past year has taught us that staying connected and supporting one another are essential to maintaining the health of our employees, customers, and economy.

Tri-Mach’s “Pass-it-On” referral program is centered around this connectivity and most importantly, on support. The objective of this program is to grow our impact within the industries we serve through referrals provided by you – our supportive customers, associates, and friends. In turn, we support those who generously endorse us.

Here’s How it Works

For each referral you provide, you will earn 1 point – and points equal rewards!

Providing just one referral will automatically place you into our referral program. Although, the more referrals you provide, the better the rewards. Some of the current rewards include Tri-Mach branded:

How to Submit Your Referrals

Connect us to your business associates, friends, or anyone who could benefit from our products and services by filling out the form found below or send your referrals to sales@tri-mach.com.

You will be notified of the rewards you are eligible to receive by your sales representative upon referral submission. Rewards will be distributed as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding how to enter, our current list of rewards, or any additional inquiries regarding Tri-Mach’s Pass-it-On referral program, please contact sales@tri-mach.com.

The recent announcement of the 2020 Ontario Government Budget includes funds to address COVID-19 employment recovery through the training and retraining of skilled trades. 

According to the Ontario Budget website, Ontario’s Skilled Trades Strategy includes three pillars: Breaking the Stigma, Simplifying the System, and Encouraging Employer Participation. Breaking the Stigma includes several key initiatives introduced by the Province to attract and train youth in the skilled trades including funding for the Ontario Youth Apprentices and Skills Ontario, and Ontario’s Pre-Apprenticeship Training program. Simplifying the System is designed to provide easier access to grants, support, and training. It aims to remove obstacles for apprentices beginning their careers and will fund a digital portal for support and training. Encouraging Employer Participation involves increasing employer participation through sponsoring and hiring apprentices.

This budget will also include funding to support the Second Careers program, giving faster access to those who were laid off due to COVID-19. The redesign of this program will also focus on short-duration training and digitizing the application process.

We hosted MPP Mike Harris, MPP Stan Cho, and MPP Amy Fee, along with Mayor Sandy Shantz to hear more about the Government of Ontario’s 2020 budget.

Visit the Budget Ontario Website to learn more.


Did you know that Tri-Mach Group can build custom, food-safe tilt dumpers? Tilt dumpers are the ideal product to dump vats and containers of meats, fruits, vegetables, bulk goods, and more! Dumpers improve ergonomics and reduce strain for operators by eliminating the need to bend down and remove products from totes. Like all of our custom food-safe stainless-steel products, these tilt dumpers are fabricated in a nonferrous facility with continuous welds, free from burrs and pits. To ensure a sanitary finish, the final product is bead blasted with fine glass media.

Tri-Mach dumpers are constructed with a 5-horsepower hydraulic system and stainless steel cylinders with safety valves at each cylinder. The load will be supported in the event of a power failure or if a hydraulic hose is cut. Designed with a 40-degree dump angle, reinforced pivot points, and floor level loading, these dumpers are capable of lifting up to 3000 lbs.

We know that every project is unique, and so, our dumpers can be designed to fit your unique dump height and can be customized with manual and automatic adjustable hold-down bars, safety cages, a dirt barrier, break-away bottom, extension stands, and more. Our team of engineers will work with you to develop a solution to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Get in touch with us to find out how our dumpers can help you.

With COVID restrictions lighter and August being wellness month at Tri-Mach Group, now was the perfect time to open our new company fitness facility. Our employees’ physical and mental wellbeing is so important to us, both of which can be improved by regular exercise. Teams that sweat together, stay together!

When creating this facility, named ‘Raise The Bar Gym’, we asked our employees for feedback on which pieces of equipment they would like included, and built the facility based on the results! Our new gym facility features a stationary bike, rowing machine, treadmill, squat rack, and a number of bands and free weights. We are working with fitness instructors to teach proper lifting technique, machine use, and give an overview of all the possibilities that our facility has to offer to help our employees maximize their workout potential.

To ensure the safety of our staff, we put a cap on the number of people in the gym at any given time and created PPE barriers to separate machines and designated spaces. These barriers were custom made to ensure proper functionality. Sanitation sprays and wipes are required after use to protect our co-workers and maintain a clean environment and the entire facility undergoes daily sanitation from maintenance staff.

Looking for PPE Barriers for your facility? Visit shop.tri-mach.com or contact sales@tri-mach.com.

Tri-Mach Gym Facility Tri-Mach Gym Tri-Mach Gym Facility Tri-Mach Gym Facility