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USDA Offers Pork Companies a New Inspection Plan

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently implemented new federal inspection rules that allow pork slaughterhouses to run their production more efficiently and decrease the number of USDA inspectors on their lines.

Past processes required pork producers to have multiple USDA inspectors looking at each part of the pig, including the heads, viscera, and the carcass to reject live animals that seem sick or have sections of carcass that look unsafe for human consumption. With the new inspection rules, plants can hire their own internal, highly trained, quality control inspectors, and require only three on-line USDA inspectors to review the hog parts. These new rules will permit companies to assign more internal personnel to inspection and will allow pork companies to run their processing lines faster because they will have more flexibility to try new ways of operating.

With new regulations constantly being introduced within the entire meat industry, routine inspections and sanitary precautions are being pushed into the spotlight more than ever. Ensure the highest quality in your products by using the highest quality equipment in your production. Tri-Mach Group offers the cutting-edge sanitary solutions in our custom equipment to permit easy deep cleans and minimal downtime. Contact our sales team today at sales@tri-mach.com to find out how we can help your current operation.

SOURCE: Food Processing, NPR

Ensuring zero contamination in our manufacturing process remains a top priority and we know it’s yours, too. That’s why we are proud to use the 6KW Trumpf TruLaser 3030 within our non-ferrous facility to mitigate any risk of contamination. 

With an array of laser cutting services at your fingertips, your next solution can be something the market has never seen before. Tri-Mach Group is ready to provide you with the best-in-class services to make it happen. Some of our laser cutting abilities includes:

  • Processing of stainless material up to 1.125” thick
  • Capable of handling sheets or plates up to 60”x120” in size
  • Guarantees the highest edge quality with BrightLine Fiber technology
  • Solely dedicated to cutting non-ferrous parts & materials
  • Use of CoolLine technology to ensure precise cutting

With maximum cutting flexibility, the TruLaser 3030 Fiber addition to the Tri-Mach facility is the perfect machine for all your custom stainless materials or parts. With a focus on the processing of non-ferrous metals, Tri-Mach Group guarantees the highest quality products and will take your project to the next level.

Interested in finding out how our laser cutting capabilities can support your next project? View the video below and contact our sales team by emailing pbaril@tri-mach.com.

The minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food recently announced an investment of $8.3 million to help beef producers become more competitive and innovative in the market. Through six projects, Canadian beef producers will be able to develop and strengthen international sales, while ensuring the highest standards and animal welfare are used.

$5.3 million of the investment will go towards helping the Canadian beef sector further capitalize on the trade agreement the Government of Canada has advanced with Europe, the Asia-Pacific, and North America. $1.7 million will go towards the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association to help build trust in their products around the world, utilizing the Certified Beef Production Plus Program.

With the Canadian beef industry contributing $33 billion of sales to the economy, it is essential to provide the best quality of beef possible to maintain our global reputation. Ensure the highest quality in your products by using the highest quality equipment in your production. Tri-Mach Group offers the cutting-edge sanitary solutions in our custom equipment to permit easy deep cleans and minimal downtime. Contact our sales team today at sales@tri-mach.com to find out how we can help your current operation.


SOURCE: Food in Canada

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is offering equipment grants up to 25% (up to a maximum of $200,000) for increasing sustainability, competitiveness, and success in Ontario’s agriculture and agri-food sector. This funding is provided for projects that support plant/animal health, food safety/traceability, increased productivity, market development, and business planning/assessments.

Some companies eligible for this grant include:

  • Equipment and technology manufacturers
  • Food/pet food processors
  • Agricultural-based pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals
  • Ornamentals (flowers, shrubs)
  • Bio-products manufacturers
  • Other entities involved in the transformation of agricultural commodities and products

Applicants for this grants must be based or establishing operations in Ontario, demonstrate a potential income of $30,000 within three years of applying, and cannot use awarded funds to undermine another Canadian company.

A few of the many eligible expenditures offered through the program include:

  • Productivity improvement
  • New process or product development
  • Labour productivity plans
  • Food safety and traceability equipment

With a focus on productivity and food safety, Tri-Mach Group’s custom equipment is the perfect solution for improving your current operations. With all the available opportunities offered through this program, find out how you can implement or upgrade the sanitary equipment in your current process while saving a percentage of the cost.

Source: INAC Services

Matt and Steve’s is a food manufacturer based out of Mississauga, Ontario, most well known for their ‘Extreme Bean’ Caesar garnish. Their unique product line of all natural pickled beans, asparagus, olives, and more, are popular across North America as not only a drink garnish, but also used in recipes and eaten right out of the jar. Due to their success in recent years the company has moved into a new facility with a production area approximately four times larger than their previous facility, to allow them to keep up with the high demand. The new facility was constructed with sanitation and efficiency being the top priorities, making Tri-Mach Group the obvious choice for any production line enhancements needed.

Matt and Steve’s reached out to Tri-Mach Group to find a method to better stage their production line, in order to improve their current, primarily manual, process. The solution was a fully integrated conveyor line which transports fresh produce through the entire preparation process from cleaning, to sorting, pickling, and bottling.

Since Matt and Steve’s uses fresh produce, it only has seven days from arrival to be processed and packaged to ensure the freshness remains. Because of this time restraint, the facility’s operations have to function in one smooth and sanitary process, ensuring all product is cared for with the highest precautions.

With Tri-Mach Group’s new production line, all products are now automatically transported along each stage of the preparation process, bringing the components directly to the workers. With these improvements in place, efficiency has increased exponentially over their previous operation, and production volume has the capacity to increase up to three times.


Beyond Meat has become a popular brand in past years, with their products now in 33,000 grocery stores, restaurants, hotels,and more across North America. Since conception, the company has been continually researching into new forms of alternative protein which have similar qualities and health benefits to real meat. Most recently Beyond Meat previewed their newest product called Beyond Beef, a meatless substitute for ground beef. 

Compared to regular ground beef, Beyond Beef has 25% less saturated fat, and at 20 grams per serving it offers more protein as well. The product is made from peas, mung bean, and rice protein, which creates a similar taste, texture, and smell to real ground beef. The applications for Beyond Beef range from meatballs to tacos, and everything in between.

With nearly 70% of consumers now decreasing the amount of meat they consume each year, the alternative protein market is constantly growing and producing new products. With Tri-Mach Group’s experienced research and development team a custom processing solution can be created to meet the needs of any new product to market. Choose Tri-Mach Group to ensure your products are safe and ready for the end consumer during production.


Source: Manufacturing.net

The current process of testing food for contaminants can be a difficult and time consuming process, often forcing companies to send products across countries for testing. The test itself is a very complex procedure, involving various chemists conducting up to two weeks of hard work to extract the data. In order to improve this process, tech company Inspecto has created a new solution of identifying food contaminants, which has proven to be more affordable, reliable, and quicker than previous methods.

Inspecto’s solution consists of disposable capsules inserted into a portable device, which causes contaminant molecules to attach to enhancement molecules. These impurity signals are then visible to the machine and displayed to the user. The device has a level of diagnosis in the range of parts per billion (ppb), which is the sensitivity needed for food safety testing.

Inspecto stated their main goal was to create a more efficient process for testing food and ensure higher safety standards when testing. With the food industry expected to spend up to $18.5 billion annually on contaminant testing by 2021, Inspecto’s potable device has the potential to disrupt the market through increased reliability and decreased costs.

Testing for contamination is an essential part in the food production process; however the best method to ensure your food is clean is to provide maximum sanitation within your operations. With Tri-Mach Group’s Ever-Kleen® Conveyor Systems, your equipment can be easily disassembled in minutes for deep washing, preventing any buildup of foreign matter. With over a dozen belt types, choose the best style to fit your specific operations functional and sanitary needs.

Source: FoodBev

Recently, the new Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program (CASPP) was announced, replacing the Canadian Agricultural Adaption Program. This new program is an investment of $50.3 million spread over 5 years, in an effort to aid the agricultural sector and help it remain competitive. This aid will help address emerging issues and capitalize on opportunities, helping the industry to adapt in years to come.

CASPP’s main focuses will be on adoption of new technology, environmental sustainability, strategic development, and emerging issues. These topics allow applicants to receive funding on innovative projects such as artificial intelligence, bio-crops, environmentally sustainable techniques, and more.

The program is now accepting applicants online who are looking to launch these projects on a national scale or deal with cross-sectoral issues.


Source: Food In Canada

Recently, African Swine Fever (ASF) has become a rising issue in Asia and Europe, with China, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, as well as Belgium now reporting cases of infected pigs. ASF is a contagious viral disease which affects pigs of all ages, causing high mortality within the animals. Though humans are not susceptible to the disease, it can be spread through our contaminated clothing, equipment, or feed, potentially expanding the outbreak to Canada through imports from these infected countries.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has already arranged some preventative measures to avoid the outbreak of the disease within Canada, including the following measures:

  • Import restrictions and border control of products brought into the country by international travelers
  • Coordination with the Canadian Border Services Agency for border inspections
  • Continuous risk assessment of countries from which Canada imports
  • Working with the EU to monitor the situation in affected countries and update import controls as needed
  • Work to establish harmonized diagnostic testing for ASF with the US and Mexico
  • Encourage enhanced biosecurity measures including recommendations for travelers
  • On-going discussions with the provincial Chief Veterinary Officers and CFIA’s American counterparts


The risk assessment for the issue is still in progress, and the CFIA is currently working on a list of products that could potentially infect the feed. Aside from this, the CFIA is working on possible scenarios on current or new zoning of ASF should cases arise in Canada.

As there is currently no effective vaccine or treatment for ASF, the best strategy for the time being is to prevent entry of the virus into Canada. In order to avoid entry, it is best for Canadian producers to follow precautionary measures. When visiting other countries, do not bring back any meat products into Canada, wash all clothing and footwear immediately after use in other countries, do not feed swine any human food waste, and routinely evaluate biosecurity protocols with farm staff and visitors.

More information regarding updates on Canada’s measures against this virus will be released later in the month.


Source: Canadian Pork Council

Tri-Mach Groups sister company Advance Millwrights is proud to announce the success of their sponsored athlete Alex Hyndman, who in August, placed third place at the Para-Cycling World Championships in Maniago, Italy. With this bronze medal, Alex raises his chances of representing Canada in the 2020 Paralympics.

Alex participates in the men’s H3 category for individual time trial para-cycling, where a single cyclist races though a course to compete for the quickest possible time. In Italy, Hyndman clocked in a time of 21.2058 minutes on the 13.6 kilometer course, finishing only 12.95 seconds behind the gold medalist.

Alex stated the support from Advance Millwrights and triumph from this event brings him “so much closer to my ultimate goal of representing Canada at the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo.”

Advance Millwrights takes pride in supporting members and initiatives within the community, and wishes Alex the best of luck in his future competitions.