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Pass It On Referral Program

What is the “Pass-it-On” Referral Program?

This past year has taught us that staying connected and supporting one another are essential to maintaining the health of our employees, customers, and economy.

Tri-Mach’s “Pass-it-On” referral program is centered around this connectivity and most importantly, on support. The objective of this program is to grow our impact within the industries we serve through referrals provided by you – our supportive customers, associates, and friends. In turn, we support those who generously endorse us.

Here’s How it Works

For each referral you provide, you will earn 1 point – and points equal rewards!

Providing just one referral will automatically place you into our referral program. Although, the more referrals you provide, the better the rewards. Some of the current rewards include Tri-Mach branded:

How to Submit Your Referrals

Connect us to your business associates, friends, or anyone who could benefit from our products and services by filling out the form found below or send your referrals to sales@tri-mach.com.

How Long Does the Program Run?

This 3-month, limited-time referral program ends on September 3, 2021 – so submit your referrals today to start earning rewards! Thank you for your participation and don’t forget to PASS-IT-ON!

You will be notified of the rewards you are eligible to receive by your sales representative upon referral submission. Rewards will be distributed as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding how to enter, our current list of rewards, or any additional inquiries regarding Tri-Mach’s Pass-it-On referral program, please contact sales@tri-mach.com.

The recent announcement of the 2020 Ontario Government Budget includes funds to address COVID-19 employment recovery through the training and retraining of skilled trades. 

According to the Ontario Budget website, Ontario’s Skilled Trades Strategy includes three pillars: Breaking the Stigma, Simplifying the System, and Encouraging Employer Participation. Breaking the Stigma includes several key initiatives introduced by the Province to attract and train youth in the skilled trades including funding for the Ontario Youth Apprentices and Skills Ontario, and Ontario’s Pre-Apprenticeship Training program. Simplifying the System is designed to provide easier access to grants, support, and training. It aims to remove obstacles for apprentices beginning their careers and will fund a digital portal for support and training. Encouraging Employer Participation involves increasing employer participation through sponsoring and hiring apprentices.

This budget will also include funding to support the Second Careers program, giving faster access to those who were laid off due to COVID-19. The redesign of this program will also focus on short-duration training and digitizing the application process.

We hosted MPP Mike Harris, MPP Stan Cho, and MPP Amy Fee, along with Mayor Sandy Shantz to hear more about the Government of Ontario’s 2020 budget.

Visit the Budget Ontario Website to learn more.


Did you know that Tri-Mach Group can build custom, food-safe tilt dumpers? Tilt dumpers are the ideal product to dump vats and containers of meats, fruits, vegetables, bulk goods, and more! Dumpers improve ergonomics and reduce strain for operators by eliminating the need to bend down and remove products from totes. Like all of our custom food-safe stainless-steel products, these tilt dumpers are fabricated in a nonferrous facility with continuous welds, free from burrs and pits. To ensure a sanitary finish, the final product is bead blasted with fine glass media.

Tri-Mach dumpers are constructed with a 5-horsepower hydraulic system and stainless steel cylinders with safety valves at each cylinder. The load will be supported in the event of a power failure or if a hydraulic hose is cut. Designed with a 40-degree dump angle, reinforced pivot points, and floor level loading, these dumpers are capable of lifting up to 3000 lbs.

We know that every project is unique, and so, our dumpers can be designed to fit your unique dump height and can be customized with manual and automatic adjustable hold-down bars, safety cages, a dirt barrier, break-away bottom, extension stands, and more. Our team of engineers will work with you to develop a solution to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Get in touch with us to find out how our dumpers can help you.

With COVID restrictions lighter and August being wellness month at Tri-Mach Group, now was the perfect time to open our new company fitness facility. Our employees’ physical and mental wellbeing is so important to us, both of which can be improved by regular exercise. Teams that sweat together, stay together!

When creating this facility, named ‘Raise The Bar Gym’, we asked our employees for feedback on which pieces of equipment they would like included, and built the facility based on the results! Our new gym facility features a stationary bike, rowing machine, treadmill, squat rack, and a number of bands and free weights. We are working with fitness instructors to teach proper lifting technique, machine use, and give an overview of all the possibilities that our facility has to offer to help our employees maximize their workout potential.

To ensure the safety of our staff, we put a cap on the number of people in the gym at any given time and created PPE barriers to separate machines and designated spaces. These barriers were custom made to ensure proper functionality. Sanitation sprays and wipes are required after use to protect our co-workers and maintain a clean environment and the entire facility undergoes daily sanitation from maintenance staff.

Looking for PPE Barriers for your facility? Visit shop.tri-mach.com or contact sales@tri-mach.com.

Tri-Mach Gym Facility Tri-Mach Gym Tri-Mach Gym Facility Tri-Mach Gym Facility

The government of Canada announced funding of $77.5 million in the Emergency Processing Fund to assist food processors with retrofitting facilities and increasing Employee PPE. Funding is immediately available for processors to access, increasing safety and expanding production capabilities.

This funding can assist with:

  • Purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) for employee use
  • Adapt to health protocols
  • Automate or modernize their facilities
  • Respond to emerging pressures

This is just one of the many government grants and initiatives within Canada to help provide support to food processors adapt and retrofit their plants to better cope with the impact COVID has had, see https://bit.ly/2LOK7uu.

From full facility retrofit upgrades to our new line of Kleen-Guard PPE products, Tri-Mach Group is prepared to assist you in increased safety equipment and process upgrades. Our Kleen-Guard PPE Barrier line has extended to include various designs to fit your specific operation. To start your process of achieving a safer work environment, visit shop.tri-mach.com or contact us at sales@tri-mach.com.

In response to COVID-19 and the need for enhanced innovation for employee safety, Tri-Mach Group is thrilled to announce the opening of our new Web Store. This store will allow the public to browse and order from our product selection from the comfort of their home. This initiative is driven by the need for sanitary equipment for employers and the general public, to promote safety during this pandemic. With this website in place, any individual has the ability to purchase one of our sanitary products within minutes, and have it delivered directly to their front door without having to leave their home.

Currently, the Tri-Mach Group Web Store includes past customer favourites within the products available, along with various new products which have been introduced solely to help combat the spread of COVID-19. These sanitary products are specifically tailored to help employees or any individual go about their daily routine or profession while staying safe and preventing the spread of germs. During the creation of these products, employee safety remained the top priority, keeping our essential workers safe and clean.

Some of our current product offerings include:

To browse our current product selection and start your ordering process today, visit shop.tri-mach.com and visit our products page. For bulk pricing and product customization, speak to an agent on our live chat or send us an email via the contact page.

Employee safety is of utmost importance during this time, especially for essential employees risking their health to provide our crucial products and services.  Tri-Mach Group’s PPE Barriers will provide a protective shield for your employees, keeping them separated from customers or other employees. No matter what industry or application you are involved in, our barriers are fully customizable to fit your specific operation and can be created and installed by our experts in a matter of days.

With your choice of frame material or frameless option, and a clear Lexan shield which can include an opening for transactions, our PPE Barriers can be easily sanitized for maximum employee safety. From the customer-service industry to production facilities, these barriers will protect against airborne particles without compromising your current process. Some useful applications for the PPE Barrier include, but are not limited to:

  • Cashiers
  • Tellers
  • Production lines
  • Desk Clerks
  • Fabricators

To get started on installing your barrier today, contact sales@tri-mach.com and let us create the perfect PPE Barrier for your operation.

We understand the status of COVID-19 continues to change rapidly and has created considerable strain and uncertainty for many of our customers. As we move forward together amidst unprecedented times, we want you to know we are here to support you in any way we can. Our Group of Companies which includes: Tri-Mach Group Inc., Advance Millwrights Inc. and Industrial Contracting Solutions, has been deemed as an Essential Business by Premier Ford and we will continue to remain fully operational.

As an organization we continue to follow the health and safety protocols and policies the provincial and federal government have issued to ensure the safety of our families and yours. As of today, we have confirmed that our suppliers are open and are deemed as essential. We are confident we will continue to obtain parts and deliver projects on time.

During this time, meats, frozen foods, and non-perishables become the most demanded items and begin to clear off the shelves. Our past experience in the food, beverage, and agriculture industries prepares us to help you meet this demand for products including but not limited to:

  • Frozen & fresh meat
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Canned foods
  • Grains
  • Bread
  • Dairy

In keeping with our guiding principles, we continue to maintain our normal working schedule to support our customers and our Country. Contact sales@tri-mach.com to find out how we can offer support to your operation and team.

Tri-Mach Group of Companies has the capabilities and experience to assist any manufacturer in producing the necessities during this time. Whether you need maintenance/support in your current operation, or require assistance modifying your process to create new products, we are here to help in any way possible. This includes the production of any food, beverage, medication, or medical products that can help support those in need.

A few of our most useful services in this time include:

  • Reconfiguration of bottle systems
  • Sanitary piping
  • Bottling retrofits
  • High pressure & jacked piping
  • Millwright & electrical services
  • Reactive engineering and design services for quick planning
  • Flexible work hours for modifications
  • Tank fabrication
  • Hopper and miscellaneous stainless components fabrication
  • Sanitary elements

It is important we all stand together during these difficult times and help one another where needed. If you require any assistance with any manufacturing needs related to the services above, please do not hesitate to reach out to our sales manager, Kory Graham, at kgraham@tri-mach.com

To Our Valued Customers,

We sincerely hope that everyone is as safe and healthy as possible during this challenging time. 

At Tri-Mach Group of Companies, we put the safety and needs of our employees and customers first. We understand the potential business interruptions you may be faced with during this time, and the effects it may have on your company.  We are here to offer our help and support where it is needed.

Currently, Tri-Mach Group of Companies remains fully operational. Our certified tradespeople continue to be available 24/7 to meet your service needs as required. At this time our operations are entirely based within Canada, with our headquarters located in a low-risk area. Internally we are taking the proper precautionary measures to provide reassurance to your team and your customers.

Tri-Mach Group of Companies has always put safety and sanitation as our main priority, and are here now to support our customers in any way we can. As the status of COVID-19 continues to change daily, please know that our team is prepared to assist with any production or breakdown challenges.

For any assistance or general inquiries regarding our operations or offerings, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at kgraham@tri-mach.com.


Kory Graham
Sales Manager
Tri-Mach Group Inc.
C: 226-220-1937
T: 519-744-6565
E: kgraham@tri-mach.com