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RE: Tri-Mach Group Inc. Introduces new SL Series of Ever-Kleen® Conveyors

The Ever-Kleen® brand was created by Tri-Mach Group Inc. to address a concerning gap between equipment design and food safety. After a Listeriosis outbreak was linked to a meat processing facility plant in Toronto, food processors began looking for equipment that was easier to clean and maintain. Interest in Ever-Kleen® technology grew exponentially, as food processing facilities began to demand more from their equipment suppliers.

Now, Tri-Mach Group is proud to introduce the evolution of our industry-leading Ever-Kleen® brand with a new three-level classification system. The Ever-Kleen® SL1, SL2 and SL3 series conveyors were developed to meet every aspect of our customers’ needs. By re-organizing our Ever-Kleen® offerings, Tri-Mach Group is providing more choice, higher efficiency and improved economical flexibility for our valued customers. The new Ever-Kleen® SL Series streamlines the design and fabrication process, while maintaining the same level of customization and quality that our customers expect from a Tri-Mach Group solution.

Ever-Kleen® SL Series Advantages

  • Higher cost-effectiveness & efficiency
  • Improved ease of choice with application-based material & design templates
  • Seamless integration with new or existing equipment
  • Design, fabrication, assembly and installation by our HACCP-trained team
  • Same level of customization that our valued customers expect

Tri-Mach Group Inc. strives to provide world-class solutions and service to our valued customers. The new Ever-Kleen® SL Series is the next step in continuing with that mission.

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Ever-Kleen® SL Series Usage Matrix


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