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The Pacproinc Proleaver® Comes To Canada

Pacproinc Proleaver® (right), with optional stacker attached (left).

Pacproinc Proleaver® (right), with optional stacker attached (left).

Tri-Mach Group was pleased to welcome representatives from Packaging Progressions Inc. (Pacproinc) last week. A stop at Tri-Mach’s headquarters marked the beginning of Pacproinc’s Canadian Road Tour with the Pacproinc Proleaver® System.

Tri Mach, together with Pacproinc, brought the Pacproinc Proleaver® to interested facilities, demonstrating the performance and benefits of the Proleaver® interleaving and stacking system.

The Proleaver® is an entry-level system designed to automatically place paper, film, or other materials underneath a wide variety of food products. Items like cheese slices, raw burger patties, flatbreads, and more can then be stacked and shipped without the risk of sticking together.

The unit is constructed with stainless steel, and it can easily interface with existing equipment. With proven accuracy at speeds of up to 100 sheets per minute, as well as comprehensive compatibility with products and interleaving materials, the Pacproinc Proleaver® will boost the efficiency and competitiveness of any small operation.

Tri-Mach Group Inc. is proud to be the exclusive Pacproinc representative in Canada, covering service, sales, and parts. Let us show you how the Proleaver® can improve your production line – contact us to learn more.